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    ngl, I’m tempted to raffle off 2-3 imperials for Fire Flight with the tickets being exaltable dragons.

    OH OH we should buddy up! Join my raffle :D I’m posting it on FR when they get back up but I’m already giving away double gene spirals and PC’s (with Creechlings help) here see!!! 


    Hey fire flight, I have three hatchlings for exalting and I’ll give them for anywhere from 2-3k. #22661 will be online later

    Fire flight here! If you don’t already sell ‘em i’ll buy them for 3k from you (and I promise to name beforehand) I’m Moon #11111



    Yooo Fire flight I have a dragon that just wont sell do any of you guys want her? All i ask is that you give her a name before you exult her UwU

    I can give her up for like 1k yes?

    I really like her and she is cute as can be but, she is taking up space and eating up all my food so she must leave she is also up in the AH for 15kT  so i guess if you want to be really rad and buy her up from there you can as well she is Red/Chocolate/Seafoam if you are interested.


    Oooh I’ve been donating to the fire flight cause! Please feel free to send me a trade request on my account #11111 i’m Moon! Also you should make its like 2200T thats usually the reward for exalting!

    Last day of College this semester

    Last day I had a big group presentation worth 10% of my overall grade for a class, plus the written part also worth 30%. Presentation was at 6pm, we wrapped up working on it about 5:10pm.


    At first I was like “Please no not yet!”

    So I made them agree with me to not get smashed or high until after the presentation.
    So yeah 6pm, first group to present everyone was drunk but me and we actually did pretty well.

    Oh art college.

    90% of my college professors need to learn this lesson yet please.


    That point where its like hey schools done for 4 months. It’ll stop snowing and then you can ride your bike everywhere.

    I may have to work but still man I have a list of games I will finally allow myself to play:
    Dragon Age 2
    Pokemon White
    Mass Effect 2
    Portal 2
    Finish Rune Factory 2

    Also maybe:
    Try playing God of War 2 again?
    (disc is scratched, so it freezes if I die /sob)
    God of War 3
    Rune Factory 3
    Dead Space

    And then I have plans to make some zines for characters, paint my bike, clean my room, kite flying, make a cheesecake, fix my tablet so I can draw on photoshop again.
    Its all really exciting guys, Eeeeeee!

    That awkward moment when you want to comment on someone’s status but don’t want to annoy them.

    ;A; there is so much wrong with this! Responding to someone should never seem annoying and avoided unless your being mean in which case… you shouldn’t? Unless their posting something super wrong.
    But yeah I just think of it as an online version of talking to someone.

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    DO you know what I love, cats. I really do. And even better is cats and kittens being adorable. Some nights you just need a little fluffyness in your life.

    Fav thing about summer?

    My favourite part of the summer is vacationing in Invermere BC with my family. And specifically spending time in Columbia Valley kayaking all day.
    I’m sharing a pic of my Dad though because the only photos my Mom has of me is me power housing it far ahead of her or me in fast parts or the river, or getting soaked by my father.
    We’ve been doing this for years now and I love it, I prefer to kayak without the rutter, I can paddle up the river, I can with ease padal in circles if so desired. I actually laugh because my Mom still usually requires help or a lot of effort to turn herself around, so I help fish her out as long as I’m not to far ahead. My first year doing this I barely made it to the pick-up point on time, got heat rash, and bawled my eyes out on two separate parts of the trip when I got caught in overhanging trees or banks on the side of the river.
    But I love it now. As much as it sucks to be working most summers now I still love it when we do this.

    Reblog if your best friend is absolutely beautiful.


    I figured I should do this now, since my best friend, now of all things has joined me on tumblr. 8D
    soulbreather started following you.

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